Listing of 2013 Activities and Accomplishments related to: ASHS Communications Coordinating Agreement:

1. ASHS HortTalks

Recorded 12 Keynote, Workshop and Oral sessions totaling 64 presentations at ASHS 2013 Annual Conference in Palm Desert, CA. Fully cataloged each episode in the HortTalks database with speakers' names, other authors, affiliation, session title, and technical abstract. Between 2006 and 2013, a total of 920 narrated presentations and videos have been recorded and distributed through an online database system. Enhanced browsing is provided via a 3D Wall interface that links directly with specific presentations.

2. Updated ASHS HortTalks a new responsive interface

HortTalks interface was completely rebuilt with responsive themes to render on and device from a phone to desktop computer. Swapped out old flash movie player for HTML 5 Projekktor movie player.

3. Mobile Abstracts

Website for accessing 2013 ASHS Conference Abstracts with any smart phone or internet-capable mobile device. Individual QR codes linked to each abstract URL were created and saved with each abstract. QR codes were printed and attached to each poster display ID number. Individuals browsing a poster display could scan the QR code with their smart phone and be connected with the detailed abstract and any media enhancements.

4. Import and manipulate abstract data from conference organizer

Created database in Filemaker to import and organize abstracts after importing from conference organizers data exports. Used Filemaker in conjunction with xml scripts to import data from Confex website.

5. ASHS CHRIS website Impact Statements website.

Website was designed to serve as an open repository for Impact Statements related to horticultural research that is funded by federal and state monies. These statements provide concise summaries about direct impacts of the research on U.S. horticultural industries. This site also serves as a complimentary resource to USDA’s CRIS database where information on Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI) and Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative (OREI) funded grants can be viewed. We will also be listing impact statements from other grant (e.g. AFRI) and formula fund sources as they become available.

6. ASHS Vegetable Cultivar Online Database Vegetable Cultivar Descriptions for North America Lists 1-26 Combined.

This list of the North American vegetable cultivars is a compilation of the previous vegetable cultivar lists that were published in the Proceedings of the American Society for Horticultural Science and in HortScience. Originally created by T.C. Wehner and C. Barrett, September 5, 1996. Website redesign and database creation by Tim Rhodus, June, 2011.

7. PGSRA website

Provided ongoing maintenance and assistance for The Plant Growth Regulation Society of America. The site provides members up-to-date resources regarding Society news, complete conference activities and services, membership opportunities, awards, and annual proceedings.

8. PGRSA Member System Management

9. CPH Exam Training

Built a web service to allow CPH program presenters to upload presentations.

10. Installed a test site for CPH program.

11. PAX National Horticulture Honorary website

Provided ongoing maintenance and assistance for PAX website, added quarterly Lotus Notes Newsletter, designed audio/video slideshow utilizing PAX Photo Contest submissions. Built a database to manage the 2013 PAX Photography Contest held during the ASHS Annual Conference in Palm Desert, CA. Contestants registered, paid and submitted their photos online.

12. PAX Photo Contest submission and viewing judging.

Also created online upload system to handle contest entries. Had to manage users in ASHS online cart.

13. ASHS Career Center

ASHS Hort Opportunities and ASHS JobsNetwork were merged into the newly created ASHS Career Center in 2013. Provided ongoing maintenance and assistance for ASHS Career Center which allows conference attendees and organization members to search for jobs, post online resumes, and allows potential employers to view resumes and contact members who have posted them. Students can upload MS Word or PDF resumes. Used Drupal distribution package called "Recruiter". Allows users to register as recruiters or as applicants and submit resume. Its uses SOLR to provide faceted results. Also uses saved searches which can notify users if new matches are found that may be interested in.  Modified application to support fields typically used in horticulture industry and added integration to send recruiters directly to x-cart to pay for their postings.

14. Improved User signups by adding a Honeypot

Improved User signups by adding a Honeypot plug-in to website. Web bots are continually evolving and adapting to counter measures. An image based captcha is no longer an effective way to stop spam bots unless combined with other verification tools. After some research utilized the honeypot plug-in which monitors how long it takes to fill out registration form and if fake fields are filled in. Spam bots generally fill in forms as soon as page is loaded and when give a commonly named field even though hidden from view will fill it in. 

15. ASHS Newsletters and Brochures via BlueToad service
Update monthly newsletters and brochures via BlueToad service. Service provides a flash based page flipping magazine for ASHS print items.

16. Florida State Horticulture Society (FSHS)

Provided ongoing maintenance and assistance for FSHS membership data.

17. Communigate Email Server

Provided ongoing maintenance and assistance for ASHS email server and mailing lists.

18. Ecommerce Management with XCart

Provided ongoing maintenance and assistance for XCart commerce system.

19. ASHS Employee Time Card System

Provided ongoing maintenance and assistance for ASHS intranet timecard and vacation hours system.

20. Maintained EGROUPWARE system for timesheet management.

Uses lasso to prepare report summaries.

21. Awards Database

Provided ongoing maintenance and assistance for Awards database System. All award descriptions, criteria and candidate submission packets are handled online with this system.

21. Member Voting

Provided ongoing maintenance and assistance for secure online system that handles ASHS Officers and Board of Directors voting for 2013.

22. Created Active member export service

Created Active member export service for External Conference software to validate active members.Uses PHP API to connect to filemaker in realtime for verification of ASHS members info. To be used for abstract submissions.

23. ASHS Membership Management

Helped ASHS evaluate moving membership management to a cloud based service.

24. ASHS media manager

Uses migrator plugging to import images from previous gallery exports.

25. Monitor and Update MacMini Server

With 4TB backup appliance MacMini can handle backing up all client machines and offers new collaboration tools such as shared calendars, blogs,wikis for staff to use.

26. Use Adobe media encode to convert movie codecs.

27. Security

Provided ongoing maintenance and assistance for monitoring ASHS Network security. Designed Intrusion detection reports utilizing Tripwire, an online system used to fingerprint all files on each server and determine whether any files are tampered with.

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