Listing of 2012 Activities and Accomplishments: Communication Systems Research

  1. 2012 was a major adjustment period.  Tim was out of the office from March - July due to knee replacement operations and the HCS web domain was transferred to CFAES.  This transition required several months of revising and relocating numerous websites, digital collections, and hosting arrangements.

  2. E-pubs and Apps Creation - Researched various e-pub formats , readers and creation tools. Looked at using php epub libraries with goal to generate pubs from content created in a CMS.

    Apps Creation - Looked at creating interactive books as applications using -->>
    Supports adding audio and other interactive features that are not available using standard epub generating tools.

    Found reference to this on O'reilly book on HTML5 Publishing. The book is free via their online store: HTML5 for Publishers  -->>

    PhoneGap Began looking at creating applications for iOS devices using PhoneGap. Created demo of PlantFacts plant list using existing html pages.

  3. LogFiles - Processed Server log files for Servers with Analog software. Also setup some sites to use Google analytics for website stats. This allows select people with access to view websites stats without waiting for analog reports which can be time consuming. Installed PIWIK to manage webstats instead of Google analytics engine.
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